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Default Re: GeForce GTS 450: GF106 Specs and Preview of ASUS GTS 450

Originally Posted by JasonPC View Post
If those specs are true it looks like the GTS 450 will basically replace the GTS 250 in price point with around GTX 260 performance, not bad. Though I hope it won't be too far behind the GTX 260 due to the 128-bit bus. That may cripple it. They bemoan the TDP but it's actually lower than the GTS 250 (at 150 w) but yes a little bit higher than the 5770, but hopefully it performs better than the 5770.

These should be very good cards for physx btw.
Was thinking the same thing, although I'd like to know the height of that cooler. Probably just my eyes playing tricks, but that thing looks closer to 3 slots than 2.
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