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Default Re: nvidia 256.52 xorg-server 1.9.0 performance regression

Originally Posted by TaintedKernel View Post
small correction here:
Everything is ark full slow on KDE 4.5 with non-antialiased fonts (e.g. scrolling).
So i will switch back and dream the dream of accelerated fonts in "bitmap-style".
Interresting; for me the performance is acceptable. However, I don't use bitmap fonts, only non-antialiased truetype fonts. I say acceptable, because I still feel the overall desktop experience is slower with xorg-server 1.9.0, but at least it's usable (which it isn't when I used anti-aliased fonts).

FYI, regarding the slow bitmap font rendering; here's the QT bug (closed, so I suppose we'll never see a fix for it):
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