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Default Re: Child proofing a laptop

Originally Posted by TheTaz View Post
Uhm, if you mean reset to factory defaults... then the Internet connection is disabled until you re-configure the router with your credentials for the ISP. I highly doubt parents are going to give their kids the username and password for their ISP account.

Then again... there are some setups out there that don't require credentials and go off the mac address of the modem. So, I guess under those circumstances, there would be an issue, if the kid is smart enough to figure out to FACTORY reset the router... otherwise a regular reset just reboots the thing.

As for K9, I've never tried it. I just have had bad experiences untangling people's machines that setup Microsoft's Parental Controls.
cable providers for example comcast don't need username and password, just set it to "Obtain an IP Address Automatically" and thats all
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