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Default Re: G0 Q6600 overclocking

Originally Posted by snowmanwithahat View Post
It's all good. I'm just slightly bitter about my poor overclocking q6600. I really thought 3.5ghz / 3.6ghz was possible... it isn't with mine.

I've seen quite a few 920's go to 4ghz. I was probably just jumping to conclusions, I'd imagine your 920 has some room to grow still.

I will be upgrading the very least it will be a year before anything happens though so I'm trying to suck every little bit out of this rig. I'm pretty dissapointed that lapping so far just dropped my temps. I've haven't been able to suck any more out of it in terms of overclock
My Q6600 SLACR was not stable over 3.2GHZ. I finally gave in and recently bought a Q9650, and I have that thing clocked to 3.75 stable, and it never goes over 65. I didn't even touch any voltages. I might try for 4GHZ, but I'm on air, and the temps will likely go over 70...
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