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Default Re: Bluescreens win 7

All of this i am aware of but we are talking less than 2 months here with a smaller oc than i ran on my C2D 6600 for 2 years.I wouldn't think that it would degrade that fast considering the mere 600 hz oc and minute changes in vcore iv'e done to it sofar.It doesn't make sense because people are running these at 4 ghz + with a lot larger increases in vcore than iv'e done to it and for a lot longer aswell.I'm inclined to think that as the first reply said that i got lucky with the lowish vcore i set and that i need more for higher stability. ( i think that casucode mentioned 1.38 to be stable at 3.8 ghz with additional changes to chipset voltages) 3.6 is fine with me though so i'm not going to push it further.
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