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Default OpenSolaris b134 - X Server lockup


Just like to submit a bug.

Triple monitor setup, with two 460s.

Each display setup as a separate screen with Xinerama enabled. Monitors are arranged physically as

2, 1, 3

1 is the DVI port closest to the HDMI port on card 1, 2 is the remaining DVI port on the card, with monitor 3 being on the other card.

Problem is that when configured as above, if the cursor is ever moved onto monitor 2, Xorg will hang. I am able log into the machine remotely and run the nvidia bug report (as attached).

When TwinView with Xinerama is enabled, there are no issues.

I will try a few more tests to see if I can provide some more details on the problem.

This seems to affect both 256.52 and the older 256.44. However, as I'm writing this, I have found that the 256.53 drivers are available. I will check with these, and hopefully provide more details.
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