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Default Re: CUDA on OpenSolaris x86

Originally Posted by gleb_sitnikov View Post
I sent an email to the support team, but it seems like they misunderstood something. Seems like they don't know what's it all about. Here's the answer:

I understand that you would like to have information regarding driver for OpenSolaris and Linux operating system.
Maybe you will succeed better.
ahhh, first level support. waste of effort. we need to send this signed by all solaris/opensolaris
folks directly to Jen-Hsun Huang CEO of nvidia. I hope they might listen. CUDA is a fantastic
technology and with such new successes like,
it makes computing something what we never seen before.

Better writing directly to NVIDIA's CEO about support for Solaris systems. We can get other voices from
solarisx86 yahoo group, as well.

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