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Default Re: Considering picking up another 480 for tri - sli.

Originally Posted by Muppet View Post
Which model EVGA X58 are you using. If it is the 760 like myself, then forget it. There is an issue with tri-SLI and that model. It melts the mainboard plug on the PSU. It doesn't do it with SLI, only Tri-SLI. You should search the EVGA forums. There are a few posts about it. They may have fixed it in an updated version though.

Here is another thread over at Overclockers discussing it.

Save your money and get a better Intel SSD that supports Trim.
That's insane, is it only with the 480 in tri SLI (due to the large power draw) or do any other triple GPU setups have the same issue?

Edit: After reading through that post someone had the issue with tri 470s.
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