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Default Re: Palit GTX 460 2 GB

The nvidia page you linked to says links to says this:

If you look in the "upgrade today" section it says:

The following Quadro professional solutions are required to accelerate the new Mercury Playback Engine in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5:

> Quadro 5000*
> Quadro 4000*
> Quadro 5000M*
> Quadro FX 5800

> Quadro FX 4800
> Quadro FX 4800 Mac
> Quadro FX 3800

I'm fairly certain you need a Quadro. Nvidia has a nasty habit of milking its customers for everything they can get.

I read before that the previous version of Premiere only supported GPU accelerated encoding on Quadros with the Elemental plugin, so much so that you could get a 'deal' on the Elemental plugin and a Quadro CX (specially designed for photoshop).
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