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Default 256-series drivers won't install on Kubuntu with 2.6.32-24 kerenel (AMD64)

I have been using 64 bit Kubuntu with the NVIDIA proprietary drivers for a long time. And, yeah, I figured out how to nuke all the Kubuntu nv and related stuff, so I've never had a problem.

A few days ago they pushed 2.6.32-24 kernel. Mysteriously, the NVIDIA 256-series driver kept working. I say mysteriously because today I tried to update to 256.53. The installer dumped out a log with a bunch of conftest errors (I can provide them on request although I think they are a symptom not a problem). Tried to recompile the old driver but had the same problem.

Reverted back to 2.6.32-23 and could compile both drivers with no problem. Yes, the Linux source tree was there for the new kernel.

Any ideas? Its working ok now with the 256.53 and kernel but until I resolve this I'm frozen on kernel updates.

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