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Default Re: Xorg high CPU usage on scrolling and moving windows

OK, perhaps I'm getting to the bottom of this. I ran the VDPAU benchmark from this forum and I found out that my results are way below average considering my HW configuration.

The result I got were like this:
qvdpautest 0.5.1
Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     T9550  @ 2.66GHz
NVIDIA GPU GeForce 9800M GTS (G94) at PCI:1:0:0 (GPU-0)

VDPAU API version : 1
VDPAU implementation : NVIDIA VDPAU Driver Shared Library  256.53  Fri Aug 27 20:54:24 PDT 2010


MPEG DECODING (1920x1080): 20 frames/s
MPEG DECODING (1280x720): 42 frames/s
H264 DECODING (1920x1080): 39 frames/s
H264 DECODING (1280x720): 86 frames/s
VC1 DECODING (1440x1080): 62 frames/s

MIXER WEAVE (1920x1080): 2086 frames/s
MIXER BOB (1920x1080): 3216 fields/s
MIXER TEMPORAL (1920x1080): 741 fields/s
MIXER TEMPORAL + IVTC (1920x1080): 385 fields/s
MIXER TEMPORAL + SKIP_CHROMA (1920x1080): 997 fields/s
MIXER TEMPORAL_SPATIAL (1920x1080): 228 fields/s
MIXER TEMPORAL_SPATIAL + IVTC (1920x1080): 176 fields/s
MIXER TEMPORAL_SPATIAL + SKIP_CHROMA (1920x1080): 249 fields/s
MIXER TEMPORAL_SPATIAL (720x576 video to 1920x1080 display): 772 fields/s

MULTITHREADED MPEG DECODING (1920x1080): 40 frames/s
MULTITHREADED MIXER TEMPORAL (1920x1080): 669 fields/s
That was done with compositing disabled. I ran the test multiple times, I even rebooted my machine to be 100% sure. Any ideas???

EDIT: The PUT/GET results seem to vary a lot, it can get as high as SURFACE GET BITS: 891.909 M/s
SURFACE PUT BITS: 908.877 M/s, but the decoding speed itself remains low no matter what.
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