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Default Re: TV out useless after debian squeeze upgrade

I have the same problem with my GeForce 9300 GS, manufactured by "sentey".
I have a LCD monitor in the VGA plug and a CRT TV in the S-Video plug.

In Ubuntu 10.04 (32 or 64 bits) with the legacy driver 173.14.22 or 173.14.25, nvidia-setting show the two screens, monitor and tv:
The two screens works fine but if i try to log out, the system freeze and not responding. Ubuntu 9.10 (32 or 64 bits) don't have this issue with driver 173.14.20, everything works fine, so i downgrade to 9.10 since i buy this card.
I proved a Opensolaris 2009.06 LiveCD that has the driver 180.44 and nvidia-setting showed both screens also.

In Ubuntu 10.04 and 9.10 (32 or 64 bits) with "current" driver (190 to 256), nvidia-settings only detect the monitor on VGA plug:
All the attempts in xorg.conf for forcing the tv-out, did not work.
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