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Default Re: Nvidia vs. nouveau

Originally Posted by Søren Holm View Post
Hi !

I have started to use the open source nouveau driver on linux. Not because it has nice 3D-support, but because the 2D-part simply is much better than the proprietary nvidia driver.

Nvidia : Please fix the performance-problems that you driver has. Nouveau will problably gain 3D-support at some point. And when that happenens no one will use you driver which isn't realy a good think either.
- no 3D support - no games no anything that requires opengl. And implementing good 3D support will last years, just look at the Ati opensource drivers (and there they had the specs from Ati). So, no good 3D will be around for some years.
- no VDPAU - and it wont be for looong time if ever.
- has KMS - instant VT switching and VTs at native resolution etc (honestly i dont know what exactly more functional features maybe someone who knows tell me).
- has better 2D - i dont use nouveau (i did try it but it lacks 90% of nvidias features) but i did not find the nvidia driver to have ANY problems here.
- has no multi monitor support
- has no power saving options - this is crucial for notebooks if you want any good battery life

- best 3D support for Linux - all games/opengl apps work with 0 problems
- most stable Linux display driver - i use it for 3+ years on 5 computers and i can tell you it is as stable as in Windows if compiz isnt used.
- has VDPAU - the recent mainstream cards from the 8 series onwards support it - i have 3 cards of this category and they all support VDPAU - 1080p takes ~10% CPU (software decoding chokes even core2duo@2.33 MHz)
- has not-so-good-as-nouveau 2D - as above i did not see ANY problems here in Opera, Chrome, Firefox, OpenOffice etc.
- supports multiple monitors
- doesnt support KMS - you have to wait 2 seconds more if you switch VTs (and endure the text mode resolution if you can ) and not-so-smooth-boot-experience
- supports power saving features by letting the card slow down when not used.

Take your pick.
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