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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 460/465/470/480" thread

Originally Posted by trivium nate View Post
okay so tonight i got my evga gtx backplate(

anyways installed it and decided to overclock it,I was an idiot I was using evga oc scanner to scan for artifacts only I forgot to enable the artifact scanning part lol i had the clock on like 875 and the memory clock was on 1065 then i tried playing crysis and it crashed i was like wtf. Restarted computer and like I said I didn't have the check for artifacts box checked I checked it and ran scan and had artifacts...lolz had to down clock it im on
gpu clock is-855
mem clock is-1060
sha clock is-1710

gonna keep testing it and I noticed that in Nvidia CP if I have the force Vsync option on it gives me artifacts with some of the settings unless I disable Vsync then I'm good
The best (safest) overclock will allow all settings with no artifacts. Just my .02. Sounds like you got a card with some good headroom either way. Nice.
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