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Default Re: System memory/resource leak with repeated vdpau based h264 decode

Originally Posted by Stephen Warren View Post
seaweed, I believe I've repro'd your problem; on my ION using MPlayer, /proc/meminfo's MemFree went from ~600M to ~300M overnight.

Can you confirm the following:
* Using xrandr or nvidia-settings to change your video resolution doesn't free the leaked memory.

* What about if you VT-switch away?
By VT did you mean "workspace" in gnome? In that case no it doesn't cleanup the memory

* What about if you log out of X?
doesn't cleanup the memory

* Killing the X server does free the leaked memory.
I am confused about this one, the behaviour I am seeing with my app is when I kill X server, the free memory goes up by a moderate amount but when X is run again, free memory goes down to the level before X was killed - which means it doesn't free the leaked memory (if it did, the free memory would've been the same as when X started the very first time and app wasn't running)

By the way, driver version 256.53 fixes a kernel memory leak, is that anyway related to what we are seeing?
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