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Default Re: my rig and Metro2033

Originally Posted by west93600 View Post

With your setting @ 1680*1050 this game run with how many fps ? Have you disable tesslation under dx11 and you run with AAA or with AA*4 ?
I just posted exactly what I have set. You quoted it.

everything maxed, but DoF under DX11 and physics disabled, and AF at 4
My fps via FRAPS are anywhere from 35fps on up, but I honestly don't care about that as long as the games plays smoothly.

I'm not trying to be a jerk, really - You'll just have to play the game and adjust settings to your personal taste. I like smooth game play regardless of fps, others insist on the highest possible fps regardless of any other factors, only you can determine your sweet spot for a given game.

That said, Bearclaw is a much nicer guy than I am, so I'll stay out of the thread and let him post his stuff.
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