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Default Re: my rig and Metro2033

Originally Posted by musman View Post
I have a similar rig, look at my sig. I can take a screen shot of my settings and post it, if you need me too.

Almost forgot. I am using a Physx card so maybe I can't help much.
I don't see gtx480 in your sig, i don't understand but if you want you can take two screen shot (in game with fraps ON and setting) i will be happy .
CPU Intel i7 920 c0 @ 3.8ghz Motherboard Rampage II extreme Memory Corsair Dominator GT 12800 cas7 (3*2gb)
Patriot Viper series 12800 cas 8 (3*1gb)
Graphics Card Zotac GTX480 Hard Drive 1x Samsing F1 1000 gig / 1x Seagate 500 gig /
1x SSD Intel Postville 160 gig
Sound card Suprem Xfi/ Terratec DMX6Fire usb Power Supply Corsair HX 1000w Case HAF932 CPU cooling Noctua NHu12p push pull GPU cooling
Stock OS Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit Monitor Dell U2410 24" 1920*1200 / Samsung Led Tv 32" 1920*1080
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