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Default Re: System memory/resource leak with repeated vdpau based h264 decode

FYI, this is the test script I used:

for i in `seq 10`; do for j in `seq 100`; do (glxgears&); sleep 1; kill `pidof glxgears`; done; sync; sleep 10; for x in `seq 3`; do sudo sh -c "echo $x > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches"; done; sleep 10; grep 'kB' /proc/meminfo |cut -d: -f2|sed -e 's/kB//' -e 's/ //g' |xargs echo >> ~/shared/ion-memusage-flushing-cache.txt; done

This removes disk cache effects from measurements.

I also tried "xclock" instead of "glxgears" and was able to repro the problem.

I could only repro with full Gnome running; when I start a bare X server and a single xterm (to prevent resetting the X server every time the client disconnects) I don't see the issue.

I was seeing Free memory fall, while various columns relating to "anonymous mappings" were increasing.

This all implies that some Gnome application is causing the problem. However, I wasn't able to track down how or why yet.

Does that match your results?
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