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No FLames intended quate from Beyond3D ,
For people who defend Nvidia and they cards you missed the big picture , why alot of people don't like optimizations , sure its ok if its not reduce quality and you favorite game runs great but what about rest of games...

A new PC game gets released about once a day; about one-third of these are games that really push 3D graphics. Only a tiny percentage of these will receive the dubious "optimizations" that have been directed at previous versions of 3DMark03. Gamers don't want to be locked into these. They don't want to be surprised by poor frame rates when they buy a game outside the top 10. Gamers need uncompromised benchmarks that give them a true picture of performance, so they can find a card that performs for all games, not just the half-dozen for which the drivers are faking it.

Link to source Beyond3d

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