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Default nvidia-settings does not have the "acquire EDID" option on nvidia 7300 LE

I put a 7300 LE/128 MB card in my comp and restarted the computer, and run nvidia-xconfig again. Previously i used the onboard 8200.
But with the 7300 i have only 640x480 and 800x600 modes available and the monitor is not detected. The "acquire EDID" option is missing from the nvidia-settings.
I edited xorg.conf and put my mode there (1280x1024). This way it worked.
But i wanted to see my monitors options and i wanted to extract EDID.

Why it is not possible with the 7300? With the 8200 the monitor and its modes are detected and i have the option.

I use Debian Squeeze, 256.53 driver. I removed the card from my sistem as it is intended for somebody else (running Debian Squeeze too) so i dont know if i can test it further on my comp.
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