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Default Re: VDPAU hangs/freezes even with 256.52

Ok I have some new info for this freeze/hang problem.

I increased the mplayer cache to ~32M and the problems disappeared.

I was playing the video from network, so the cache wasn't enough for the network latency.

However using XV, the video just dropped some frames because of the low cache / network latency.

When VDPAU is used, the whole system gets frozen instead of frame skipping like XV when low on cache. It seems to me that vdpau makes the whole system wait for the "next" stream in case it gets delayed for whatever reason.

It should just make mplayer fail not the whole system.

The massive resize/fullscreen seems to temporarily disable mplayer's "stream input", that's why the bug happened more often there.

Is there a known problem about this?
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