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Originally posted by Malficar
Benches were not intended to be the manhood measuring they have become, but were rather intended to be a useful tool.
Nor are frames per second in games, either, but they'll still be latched onto in the same way. AND they'll still carry the same kind of weight in reviews. Everything has relevance--it's just up to the reviewers (and after that, the individuals themselves) to properly frame the context and make the consumer as informed as possible.

Considering all the fallout of late, the environment is quite a lot more informed than previously--which is a good thing. (The circumstances in which it's come about, however...) The testing templates get bigger and more consistently updated, image quality comparisons are more frequent, and the PR coming out of all camps is more apt to attract commentary outside of the forums, and even side articles, rather than just being mindlessly regurgitated. (Though some will no doubt contest that last part. )

Doesn't matter WHAT form something takes--those who want to "dick measure" against it will do so. Sadly you can't counteract that even with a huge gamut of tests (Ha! My card wins 18 our of 23 tests at 4xAA/8xAF at 1600x1200!), so you hardly do yourself a service by ceasing to care about certain things. The best picture IS the most filled-in one, and that includes all game tests, benchmarks, and the appropriate context they have--not to mention additional commentary to lace them all together.
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