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Question Best driver to use for GTX 260 216 Core Edition, Core i7 920 12GB RAM?

I have a question and I hope someone can help me out...

What is the best driver to use for GTX 260 216 Core Edition, in an extremely fast PC (Core i7 920 12GB RAM)

Right now I'm running the 259.32 WHQL Forceware, but it seems like the previous series worked a bit better for me (I got smoother, higher frame-rates in game). Now that I've updated to the 259.32, I've lost even more performance, and the game play isn't as smooth in a FREE FPS Game that I play called "Combat Arms". It's a very good FREE Online/Multiplayer game and has pretty good graphics when they're turned on high, but this GTX 260 should be keeping me at over 100 FPS in that game. My old 8800 GTS 640 did...

It seems like ever since Nvidia hit the 2xx.xx series drivers, they've reduced performance and caused crashes for me on my GTX 260. I hope they aren't stripping out features or ruining the drivers for the older cards just to make the new cards work better...

I'm about to take both of my XFX 8800 GTS 640 MB Cards and run them in SLi again... I have the EVGA x58 3 x SLi Classified (E760) motherboard and running the two 8800's in SLi pushed through a significant amount more bandwidth/overall performance than this one GTX 260 216 core which is supposed to put through like 111.x GB/s.

I really don't know what to do because I would have to go back to the 197.xx series to get the full FPS potential out of my card without crashing/freezing up the PC during a game. But then I would lose a lot of features and stuff that the 2xx.xx drivers have.

Any suggestions or help with maybe making a modded/tweaked driver would be greatly appreciated. Plus, it will help others that have the GTX 260 core 216 card and having the same problems.

The low FPS, Freezing UP, etc.. happen only when I play games like Combat Arms which are fast paced FPS games with good graphics and a lot going on in game.

Go check out the game, you'll love it and it's good for testing FPS and Stability of the card because it's the one that can always bring out the bugs in Nvidia Forceware...

Combat Arms Offical Website - It's FREE FPS that is Awesome. Click Here.

Thanks in advance for any help with this!

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