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Originally posted by digitalwanderer
Did nVnews publish anything on this on their frontpage? Last I checked yesterday they had a blurb buried in one of Muya's updates about Nordichardware trying out the patch.
I really dont think it matters wether Nvnews makes a post about it on the front page or not. This is just a benchmark and most of the Nvidia fanbase still around simply does not care. So why waste time on it?

We have gotten to the point where people in general are deleting 3dmark03 from their harddrives instead of demanding Quality form Nvidia. The reason is.. theu know nothing is going to change.. again.. why waste time on it? If the owners of the hardware are happy with the results they are getting in the things that are important to them.. so be it.

The bad thing is that many, if not most people are flatly sticking their heads in the sand about the issue simply becuase they dont understand or see the difference because all they own is Nvidia hardware.

IT would really be interesting to see what the same group of people would say about ATi or another company if they had the same results.
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