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Default Re: Nvidia 3DM03 talks "NOT FLAMES"

Originally posted by bkswaney

But I guess when it comes down to it I really don;t care as long as my IQ is top notch and my games run smooth.

The main game I play is UT2003. It runs sweet as sugar on my 5900u.
It's smoother than my 9800Pro was and the IQ is just wonderful.
I only hope UT2004 runs as good.

Let's please not get this thread closed to. It's nice to talk about these things but some had rather just call u names.
Mods please just delete those post and save my thread if u can.
Kind of odd that your results in UT2003 pretty much go against the grain for most reviews and even threads in this forum. Especially when looking at the results from a host of user made maps etc.. In fact i think i remember you yourself commenting on some of these issues when you had your 9800pro in this very forum..
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