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Post Benchmarking Tool available for Metro 2033

Recently released Ranger Pack DLC (will be downloaded automatically via Steam, if auto-update is enabled) for Metro 2033 has brought us not only new Hardcore mode, new achievements and new guns, but also a nice standalone Benchmarking Tool.

It uses intensive firefight sequence from Frontline level, and has well-thought-out interface with lots of settings and additional features, like framerate graphs generation after the test.

Benchmark can be used to measure GPU PhysX performance, since it includes some effects affected by 'Advanced PhysX' option, like grenade explosions and particles from bullet impacts.


Metro 2033 Benchmark can be found in

\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\metro 2033 folder


According to several user reports, this DLC may cause some problems, like game .exe crushes and broken saves. Possible fix.

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