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Default Black screen on the external monitor with Quadro FX 880M

I recently have this weird problem with a Lenovo W510, the external monitor works fine for several days until an unsuccessful standby trial. After force the laptop to restart, everytime I enable the external monitor, the content will show on it for about 1 second, the the screen becomes black. The external monitor is indeed enabled from the point of view of the computer, I can move windows to the external monitor, and the monitor seems received some signal from the video card (My monitor will shutdown if there is no signal, but it is on after external monitor is enabled by nvidia-settings).

My guess is because of the unsuccessful standby/sleep, some bits of the video card got messed up, however, I tried to reboot the machine a few times, lower the driver from 256.53 to 195.36.24, but the problem is still there.
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