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Default Re: Header files in 260.x releases

I agree. In case of vdpau everyone knows that both most recent headers (vdpau.h and vdpau_x11.h) sits inside libvdpau-0.4.tar.bz2 downloadable from here:

I (and I'm sure other packagers/developers) would like to gain similar detailed information from Nvidia about the rest of missing header files:

OpenGL header files (gl.h, glext.h glx.h, glxext.h):
gl.h ???? No link on page ???
glx.h ???? No link on page ???

* CUDA and OpenCL header files (cuda.h, cudaGL.h, cudaVDPAU.h, cl.h, cl_gl.h, cl_platform.h)
??? Have no idea where to look for header files. Any hint? Package name? Link?

There is nothing wrong in moving headers to separate packages, especially when they are compiled from sources. libvdpau is perfect example of well done integration of library sources and headers in one package. We can be sure that both match each other because they are in the same package.

However having library in Nvidia binary driver package and header in any other package somewhere is bad idea - we will never be sure if header matches perfect current driver release - this renders such header useless.

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