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Default Feature request : no kernel module check with --no-kernel-module


I made a kickstart script that builds Meego with nvidia support.
I use dkms to build and install the kernel module.

I'm using sh NVIDIA-*.run --no-kernel-module to install all xorg related file. However, this later command fails when I'm running it from a already nvidia driver having host, that is : I run opensuse 11.3 with nvidia drivers, I'm running mic-image-creator that downloads and install meego package in a chrooted image ; within this chrooted image, the kernel module check fails, even if I pass the --no-kernel-module flag.

IMHO, the --no-kernel-module flag is intended for special use case, when user wants to build kernel module and install userspace shared object separatly. In such situation, the kernel module check should be relaxed.

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