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Default Re: Geforce GTX SLI under Linux

I would like to use this thread again to repeat that even with the latest 256.53 drivers, the performance of OpenGL performance with dual Fermi GTX 4xx cards is very poor.

Please take a look at these benchmarks:

---Windows 7---


SLI Off:

SLI Auto:


SLI Off:

SLI Auto:

---OpenSuSe 11.3 2.6.35---





These results come from user Phoronix member jmcharron (tested with 2 x GTX 465), you can find the thread with the same results here:

Furthermore, I saw the announcement of the new 260.xx beta driver which seems to improve SLI and SLI options in the GUI for Fermi Tesla cards (mosaic mode), but no mentions of improvements for Geforce cards.

Can we hear about the (not so distant) future for Fermi SLI? This line has been released for 6 months now and performance is either the same or even worse than with only 1 card. Will there come better support and what about SLI profiles? I would like to emphasize that this is important to me. I wish to buy a second GTX 470 soon and want to ensure that it won't be a bad buy.

Thank you for your time,


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