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Default Re: iOS 4.1 Released


Apple STILL hasn't fixed the proximity sensor issue.

All iphone 4's had the antennae issue and I can understand people saying don't sweat it and don't hold it that way. Fine, I have a case now (had to buy because the free ones sucked).

But, the proximity sensor not working is so ridiculous. This was something Steve Jobs called out on that antennae-gate conference call. Sorry Steve, you put your neck on the line and you blew it.

Fix the phone or give the people suffering a refund. I don't want a blinking headset held up to my head flashing morse code or something.

For such a high profile product, how do we have such glaring issues still continue to plague it?

Oh and since Froyo came out, iOS4 has been second best and, depending on how WinMo 7 does, it might be THIRD best by the end of the year.

Fix your broken **** Apple. It's the least you can do for stringing users along...
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