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If you are holding your phone up (any iPhone before 4), the sensor would darken the screen and it would save battery and prevent accidental hitting of buttons. I think all touch-screen phones do this.

The iPhone 4 has a new sensor in a new position and it flickers. It won't turn off and this causes accidental dialing, accidentally hanging up, accidentally turning on the speaker phone and other ridiculous things. The flickering when the conditions are a little darker are especially annoying because the light becomes bothersome, especially when it is flickering.

If this update has not been able to fix the issue, it is clearly a hardware issue, like the antennae and like I said earlier, AT&T and Apple need to allow disgruntled users to return these defective products. We have been promised all kinds of fixes and the product is still broken.
Ah, got it now. Ya, I wasn't eligible for an upgrade when it came out. Still holding out for next version or revised current edition.
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