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Default Re: Re: Nvidia 3DM03 talks "NOT FLAMES"

Originally posted by Hellbinder
Kind of odd that your results in UT2003 pretty much go against the grain for most reviews and even threads in this forum. Especially when looking at the results from a host of user made maps etc.. In fact i think i remember you yourself commenting on some of these issues when you had your 9800pro in this very forum..

I had no issues on UT2003 with the 9800 or 5900.
I play 1024 with everything max in the CP and 4xAA and 8xAF.
Even under heavy fire it runs smooth. Now I cannot comment on
slower cpu PC's. I also run my card at 490/960 all the time.
You like me and a high end rig.

I agree NV is not best right now. Right along with every other tech head.
But where I had a slight shutter on a map or two with the 9800 it does not happen with the setup I have now.

Also to "my eyes" the IQ looks about the same on both. Tho the 9800 AA is a bit smoother.

I want NV to quit cheating in benchmarks. It's wrong.
Everyone knows the NV3x sucks pretty much. Without optimizing
it's a real dog. It seems there is nothing NV can do about it.

All we can do at this point is hope the NV40 does not suffer from the same down falls.

If they follow DX specs more this go around and put in the pipes it might be a winner.
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