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Default What are my options? Need three dual-link DVI outputs

Currently at work I am running a single monitor at 3840x2400@60Hz (actual monitor runs at 41Hz but its getting a 60Hz signal).

I am running this off my geforce gtx 260 via two dual-link DVI outputs, that go to two matrox tripplehead2go's as my monitor only takes single link inputs (four of them). that in-tern have to go through four gefen DVI detectives (in order to get the matrox tripplehead 2 go to detect my monitor).

Here is the mesh of adapters/cables I am using right now:

The matrox tripplehead 2 go takes one dual-link DVI input and outputs two single link connections so the computer thinks its outputting 2x3840x1200 and my monitor gets 4x1920x1200.

This is my current setup and for the most part works quite well. Because this monitor is not good for gaming on (due to the 41Hz internal refresh rate) and I am getting a new desk where I will finally have the room I would like to move to a dual monitor setup (my 3840x2400 monitor running at 41Hz and my 30 inch dell @ 2560x1600) as my second 3007WFP is just collecting dust ATM. To do this it requires three dual-link DVI outputs from the computer.

I currently use XGL + beryl. Old I know but AIGLX never gave me good enough performance when running high resolution (2560x1600 or 3840x2400) when I had 50-60 windows open (playing a video and what not would lag me or moving windows around even would lag a bit).

To my knowledge I can't use XGL over more than 1 GPU's. I believe this has to do with openGL rendering not working over multiple GPU's or something?

This means that nvidia's quad display video cards are out and on the DP + dual DVI cards I assume you can only use two inputs?

Does nvidia have any tripple head cards now (I am a bit behind on some of the newer cards) that will actually run three displays off a single GPU like ati has (that do 3, 5, 6, and 12) now?

Because its XGL gaming doesn't work right on it so I generally game in a separate X session which is nice as I can change the X session (control alt f7/f8) and be able to do what is similar to a windows alt-tab which normally couldn't be done on linux gaming anyway.

I originally had given up on getting both monitors running at once (via three dual link DVI connections) so I was thinking of trying to buy some sort of splitter cable so I can simply switch between the monitor's depending on the X session but I have a feeling this won't work good.

I am thinking the best option would be to do what I am doing now but have the 30 inch monitor run off a separate video card that my separate X session runs in and thus just switch between them (just use the 30 incher for when I game). I assume I will have no problems doing this. Of course this means I can never use both monitor's at once.

Can I still make use of both monitors at once by not doing xinerama and have two separate X sessions running at once? I seem to recall it was possible to do this and the two monitor's have different programs running and thus you can't drag/drop between the two but I could at least still use both at once? This might be a good compromise as I would like to use both monitor's at once (even if they can't interact with each-other) if possible.

Anyone have any suggestions for getting the most use out of both monitors (Ideally being able to use both at once).

Having one big desktop that scales both monitor's would be the best option but to my knowledge that is currently impossible if I want to use XGL/beryl and have good window rendering performance (I kinda wanna say 2d performance but its actually rendered in 3d).

I probably have the weirdest setup of anyone out there.

Also I apologize in advance for my verbose post.
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