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Default Re: Problems with OpenCL

same problem here.

I am on opensuse 11.1 and use the prepackaged drivers from and the package is missing some files, like, which I extracted from the .run file and put manually in the /usr/lib64 directory together with creating some symlinks (see the .manifest file in the extracted .run nvidia driver). I can compile my opencl programs fine (,, but when I run, the first opencl-related function clGetPlatformIDs returns an error code (-1001).

Again, I try to figure out what the prepackaged driver is missing since I suspect the error there (but open to other suggestions, too). If I would use the nvidia .run script driver, the problem probably does not exist. CUDA executables run fine (compiled on an other opensuse machine without nvidia card)

If anyone has hints, I would appreciate it, and I would love to see the prepackaged driver work very well, due to it's ease of use for probably many newcomers to opensuse.

opensuse 11.1 64bit, nvidia quadrofx3700 driver version 256.53
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