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Originally posted by jimmyjames123
Not exactly. For one, since we generally don't have benchmarking results for these "less-played games", we do not know exactly how performance differs. Also, it can be argued that general compatibility and driver stability is just as important (if not more important) as raw performance, especially with some less visible older games.
I think you can likely call Tiger Woods 2004 one of those "lesser played games" by virtue of the fact it usually sells around 250-300,000 copies per version. Compared to UT2003 and other FPS games, Tiger PC is a pimple on an elephant's hiney.

I have made a post or two here and on other forums regarding the performance differences between a 9800 Pro and the 5900U in a DX9 title (also a TWIMTBP title). I am hoping MikeC will be able to share more with you all when/if he is able to benchmark TW2004 with his upcoming full review of the 5950U.
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