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Actually, I kind of agree with him.

Not all the crap he spewed about nVidia, but some of what he spewed about futuremark.

While I applaud and defend Futuremark for enforcing their rules, and also while I've pointed out that 3DMark is not intended to reflect "real game performance"...

I still think it's a BAD tool.

ANY company that is going to be "responsible" for essentially "policing an industry, via measuring performance", and then takes money from the IHV's and OEM's... well... to me that's a conflict of interest. It open's a whole "can of worms". Who's to say one side isn't "paying more money" than the other side, which is swaying the results? Heck, there's already someone on B3D forums telling Dave that "Dell asked for this patch because they're selling ATi cards, now."

While Futuremark takes money from IHV's and OEM's... I can't really see myself puting any real faith in their product, in general.

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