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OK, fair enough. I am an end user, not a developer for this device. Based on that comparision chart (, I am estimating that the performance upgrade I should see in my scene generator should be about 2x (referencing the 9800 GT, though mine is a 9800 gtx).

What is odd, is my frame rates went down! I know you do not know about my scene generator, but where I was at about 148 Hz, I dropped to 80 hz with the 465! Not at all what I was expecting.

So, I was wondering if anyone else had seen this. Or is it possible I have a bad card? Or could it be related to my archaic OS (Centos 4.7)?

Thanks for any advice. If someone has a linux based benchmark that they know the 465 results for, please advize. At least this way I should have a data point to work towards.

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