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Post WeeklyTube Issue 44: PhysX video overview

Mafia II Benchmark video featuring NVIDIA PhysX comparison by nvidia

Official PhysX comparison video for Mafia II. Initial video sequence is nothing special (just benchmark run), but composing level makes me envious

Cryostasis BFG Ageia PPU PhysX Test by TRStrider74

This video is comparing Cryostasis PhysX performance with/without additional Ageia PhysX card and main ATI GPU. After watching this I've moved Cryostasis to GPU/PPU games section, as it seems to run well enough.

physx cloth ragdoll test 001 by gtxx

Demonstration of PhysX integration with 3Impact engine, showcasing cloth and complex jointed obejcts ' ragdolls .

Pallets with instancing, physX and shadow mapping by onfire4ever

Just a short shadow mapping test, with some PhysX simulation.

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