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Post PhysX: Physikoterapia

And yet another PhysX article has arrived today ' this particular one from is mostly focused on GPU PhysX effects analysis and comparison.

Almost every single modern title with hardware accelerated PhysX content (except for Sacred 2 and Darkest of Days) was reviewed, and detailed description of extra PhysX content both in form of text and comparison videos were included. For example:

Mafia II

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Of course, article would be complete without huge set of benchmarks:

In addition, some space was used to explain situation with multi-threading/x87 in current PhysX SDK, and overview a concurrent physics solutions, like Bullet and Havok.


Judging comparison video timestamps, this article was in production for several months. Amount of work is impressive ' so, if you know Polish, why are you still sitting here ?

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