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Post Physics With Legos

anhtuan445 has made and uploaded a very cool video showing Bullet Physics that has been implemented to work with a Lego Builder type of game. Check it out below. This is pretty cool stuff, Blockland has had physics implemented into the game for awhile now and you have probably seen the Crysis Lego maps where the level objects are all Legos and react based upon the Physics in Crysis we are all familiar with.

From his YouTube page:
This program is created to test Bullet physics integration and various other
methods to improve authors programming and debugging skills and toolsets.

The basic idea is that the program creates a world of lego blocks that have some physical properties. The blocks are rigid bodies with gravity and movement boundries.

Blockland Physics:

Blockland is a multiplayer sandbox game where you build with bricks that are similar to (but legally distinct from) legos. It is an indy game made using the torque engine. Check it out at

Lego Crysis:

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