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Default Still get vdpau tearing. No composite, 256.53 driver

It may not be as noticeable as the tearing I got with the older driver.

I ran: "startx -- -logverbose 6"

I set:
export VDPAU_TRACE=1

before running the video program. I'm using xbmc watching blu-ray discs streamed by makemkv. My current version of mplayer (mplayer-1.0_rc4_p2010080, ffmpeg-0.6) behaves badly when I try to use vdpau. The X cursor can't leave the area where the video is playing and when I exit. it switches meta-modes. SMplayer has the same problems. If you want me to run mplayer to test/debug vdpau then I will try to install an older version. It used to work great.

I also get tearing when I watch videos without vdpau. So right now with the 256.53 driver there is no way (I know of) for me to watch videos without tearing. PLMK if there is anything further I can do to help fix this problem.
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