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Default Re: What are my options? Need three dual-link DVI outputs

Originally Posted by Licaon View Post
How so?
AIGLX sucks for performance reasons. Try running at 2560x1600 or 3840x2400 and then have 50 windows open. Now try playing a video with transparency or moving wobly windows around or do the translucent cube and watch the lag. Even on a high end video card this chokes with AIGLX or using KDE's composite stuff but can do several hundred FPS even on a 8800 GT with XGL.

The simple fact is that with XGL I can still get several hundred FPS in this situation and non-XGL lagged to crap. For much lower resolutions and much less windows AIGLX worked ok but that simply isn't the case for how I use my system.

This has actually been what has kept me from totally upgrading my distribution. I use sabayon based off gentoo so I can still update individual packages without any issue but I doubt I will upgrade my entire OS anytime soon as I have yet to see anything that matches XGL and XGL pretty much became deprecated.
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