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Question A plea for being able to build NVIDIA graphics driver in Novells Build-Service

Dear Nvidia-Management,

while I understand, that there's a primary interest from Nvidia to monitor the usage of the drivers (via download counters), this is getting a major hassle for somebody like me, who is building many specialized kernels in openSUSEs build service.


All kernel projects and aufs need to build the Nvidia drivers.

While I really like your hardware and driver support, and my customers and me rely on them heavily until now, I start to hesitate in this regard, because I have to create private build service distribution channels just to distribute the nvidia drivers to my handful of customers, that are using my specialized diskless linux setups.

Can you imagine the hassle involved? Sure, I could try to camouflage my builds just to cover my activities, but risking being abandoned from build service isn't acceptable, hence I will look for alternatives, resulting in replacement of a few dozen Nvidia cards.

I guess, you would be able to track the usage even from build service, if you like. Just ask, and I'm sure, that something can be done (especially, if this leads to more convenience for the users).

Is that really worth the trouble, or is there any chance to soften the distribution rules by allowing the build of the Nvidia graphics drivers in open community collaboration facilities similar to openSUSEs build service?

If that is not possible, would you please point me to some elaboration on why that is not possible?

Best regards,
Hans-Peter Jansen
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