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Default Re: GTS450s at newegg, go get'em!

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
No reviews as yet, another hunch I have says NDA has not expired.

Check out the range of core speeds- from 780-880MHz. It would appear these little beauties have some OCing potential.

Now, as the Fermi based cards have been getting monster 90% SLi scaling, anyone else think that $270 spent here may well blow away any $270 spent on a single card? Looks to me like we have the new "bang for buck" enthusiast rig.
I also have a hunch- that you are under NDA.

won't hurt to ask though- will a single 5770 outpace the GTS450? Simple yes or no answer.

No over clocking, no SLi or CrossFire... single card only.
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