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Originally posted by The Baron
3DMark03's relevance is dead now. It was not dead when it came out. We have DX9 games now. We didn't have DX9 games then. So... I dunno what I'm trying to say. But it's probably something.
What? Ok so please give me some indications on how HL2 will run. What about Doom3? Any ideas on Deus Ex2? SS2? Stalker? We have 2/3 games out now that use DX9 true. But are you going to say that those are the end all be all of DX9 performance? We know that Halo allows for the FX to drop down to partial precession. Are all other DX9 games going to do that? That's the issue here. Yes games are much better to gauge hardware. But we all know that every game is different and performance on one game != performance on the other games. 3Dmark is as good as any game that we have now that tries to bench DX performance. Again its one of many things/tools you should use and not the be all end all of benchmarks.
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