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Default Lord of the rings is now Free!

Well I downloaded the super deluxe uber client last night and was able to sit down to it for a few hours this night. This is coming from an old time mmo player whos been playing since EQ started, but primarly jumped from eq to WoW/Guild wars.

So far, its ehh, ok, but imo they really could have done better considering they did alot of things just to make this game free. First and formost, they locked out 2 of the classes. I didn't hear anything about this and when I saw EQ2 do the same I thought it was probably one of the worst things you could do. In Lotro, turbine has disabled the rune master class which is a class that can swap between range dps, and healing.

One thing none of the MMOs have been able to get around is the healer/tank drouts. They just generally don't have the appeal to people as dps classes do. So why does turbine want to ruin their server balances by a huge influx of dps/tanks but no healers? Also when the idea is now getting people hooked onto a class they like to play so that they can shell out some money down the road, restricting unique classes that someone would prefer to play over the others is a good way to lose said person because he dosn't like the other classes. I actually happen to like healing, so I was pretty bummed when I saw it locked.

So I logged in and started a lore master, aka mage...with a summoned pet. Unfortunately the first 30-40 minutes is spent in a zone that you are alone in. You run through some tutorial quest and a small event before you are transported to the noobe zone. I didn't like this at all, and for good reason. I had questions to ask, and no one to ask them too. Both WoW and Guild wars drop you off in populated zones where I can immediately do a zone wide message asking such and such. Still having more difficulty? maybe someone will invite you to group. Both games have an easy to understand part and chat system... lotro does not. I mean, ok I could prolly right click someone to invite.. but I opened the social window and it was cluttered with all kinds of crap. You have like 8 different chat channels, 7 of them are not needed, and everyone in the zone had no idea how to use them or why. I asked questions on several of them like OOC (I knew this one from my eq days) and advice, but didn't get a single reply despite many new players running around.

I was thinking this would be a cool free game to get my brother or my dad into MMOs, but I think wow and guild wars have it much better. I know Lotro is not WoW, but that dosn't mean they can't copy the good things over, especially when it comes to noobs. Less is more, and WoW's initial basic interface, popup help boxes, and starting you off on simple task (your level 1... there is no saving the world for you yet son) is the best way to do things.
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