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Default Re: GTS450s at newegg, go get'em!

Originally Posted by jeffmd View Post
interesting... they do seem to run kind cheap huh. Still I don't think I would run out and buy 2 for sli. Sli is quite unreliable in performance gains.. and usualy dosn't exceed a %60 increase. It's like SLI'ing 2 8300 gts cards so you could have the power of an 8600. ^^

It would be nice if they could poot one of these out at the $99 level for that family computer thats capable of running all your fav MMOs and online games.
Apparently you've missed all the articles about the superior scaling with the Fermi generation parts. Allow me to assist:,2694-9.html
Notice how the average scaling across the five games they tested is close to 100%?,2694-11.html
Originally Posted by Toms Hardware
Because SLI scales so well, giving two GeForce GTX 460 1GB graphics cards a 90% performance boost over a single card, the value for two cards together is very similar to what earned the single GeForce GTX 460 1GB its previous Recommended Buy award.
Originally Posted by HardOCP
When two of these Galaxy GTX 460 1GB video cards are combined in a system and SLI is enabled we have witnessed incredible gaming performance that surpasses even the competition's high-end video card solutions in CrossFireX configurations. This SLI scaling is a true wakeup call for AMD, begging for better multi-GPU CrossFireX scaling efficiency.
Originally Posted by Benchmark Reviews
As this article has proven, SLI is not only possible - it's ideal.
Originally Posted by Guru3d
With the more GPU stringent resolutions and modern games you can quite easily gain 1.8x ~ 1.9x performance with two of these 200 USD cards.
Originally Posted by Legit Reviews
NVIDIA is showing any where from 60-90% scaling on the GeForce GTX 460 graphics cards across a range of seven popular PC game titles.
And that's worst case single monitor- 25X16.

You would be right about Crossfire Scaling- it's very poor oftentimes when it works, and doesn't work at all sometimes. Worse yet after years of CF, the guys at ATi still don't let users create profiles or force any render method. You could make your argument about CF, but not SLi.,2622-14.html
Look how poorly the 5870s do in CF due to their uneven and low scaling. Also, the 5870CF had trouble with two games!
Originally Posted by Toms Hardware
We’re going to use 2560x1600 without anti-aliasing enabled here, since the Radeon HD 5870s specifically have issues in Crysis and Metro 2033 at that resolution.
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