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Default Re: GTS450s at newegg, go get'em!

Originally Posted by Vardant View Post
It looks like you can stop Rollo -

Not bad, not bad at all.
I'm sorry to bust your bubble guys, but thats pure marketing BS. They are taking a fanless(and thus lower performance), more expensive 5770, and comparing it to a top end overclocked GTS450. How anyone could feel honestly posting that is beyond me.

They compare a $150 uber OC GTX450 to a underperforming passive cooled 5770 that costs $160. If one just takes a short trip over to newegg, you'll find that a normal stock 5770 with a fan is only $124.99, and performs and overclocks better than the model they used. You'll also see that stock GTX450s that are clocked like 15% under the one in the review there are $129, $5 more than a 5770.

Even in their lopsided test, it only wins in 3 games that are classicly NV-slanted.

Bottom line, it beats a 5750, but is ~$25 more money, it doesn't beat a 5770 in a real comparison, for about the same money. Not even to mention power consumption, if you're someone who cares about that, the overclocked GTX450 they use needs about as much power as a GTX460 to achieve the performance level they are benching, which I might remind people is about the same as a 5850, which is well above both in performance. The 5770 beats it with around 25% less power.

Make better chips, spend less on marketing NV.
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