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Post Re: Problems getting GeForce 8700GT to work under linux

Hey wiresquire, thanks for replying! I actually have some update... I was randomly playing with the settings in the nvidia control panel and I discovered that changing the brightness OR contrast to values above a certain treshold (-0.07 for the brightness & 0.108 for the contrast) results in this yellow color.... below these values, the white appears white. I've never seen that kind of problem before!

I am using Video BIOS 60.84.6a.00.06 as reported by this nvidia control panel. I will try to flash the BIOS'es and see what happens... Dell never mentioned such update was available....

As for the SLI, good to know that since 185.XX its not working... what the !?!? These video cards are not expensive enough!> NVIDIA -> ......
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